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Good care can be simple! 

Aging populations and families living far apart are fast becoming a severe care crisis. Combining telemedicine via robotic avatars with human care is the solution.

Robody Cares is a full-service care solution offering 24/7 protection and assistance as well as an opportunity to maintain personal contact with your community. 

Scheduled REMOTE Visits 

Nurses and doctors can visit regularly and frequently to check on the patient and support on health needs over the internet. Time saved travelling allows nurses to visit more frequently and for longer.


Even when not in use, Robody is picking up vital signs and calls for help and following an alert, caretakers can immediately join the patient via Robody and alert emergency services if required. 


Through Robody, family members can interact without the constraint of physical distance. Robody allows face-to-face conversation, the ability to make a cup of tea for your relative, or even give hugs.

Care Organisations We’ve Partnered With



Offering peace of mind around the clock for seniors and other dependants through a hybrid in person and via Robody service around the clock, every day


Multiplying the efforts of your care staff by cutting travel time and increasing staff retention and motivation. Staff need only half a day of training to use a Robody. 


Allowing you to check in on your parents and to check their welfare, as well as giving your children a chance to meet their grandmother or grandfather as frequently as you want. 

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