devanthro stars in a new ard show

Lobbying in Germany is the focus of new series

Robody, the elderly care humanoid robotic system developed by Munich-based robotics company Devanthro, is at the heart of the plot of 2 episodes of the ARD dramedy series Wo Wir Sind Ist Oben (Where We Are is Top) starting June 14, 2024. Produced by Susanne Porsche and Felix Fichtner from Isarstrassen Film, the series depicts two lobbyists pursuing power and prestige in the backstages of government while shaping a Germany of the future. 

The episode dramatizes the difficulties of deep-tech startup funding and regulations in Germany, and the possible real connection in human-robot interactions.

Founder and CEO Rafael Hostettler said: “We were incredibly humbled when the film team approached us for filming with our Robody in the episodes exploring these themes. We immediately loved the story line and most fitting twist. The global humanoid robotics race is on, and if Germany is to have a chance of being competitive, there is an urgent need to rethink both how funding and regulations shape the national robotic scene. Many sectors need the technology now – the shortage of personnel across sectors is acute. Robust campaigning is needed.”

CTO co-founder and Forbes 30-under-30 Alona Kharchenko adds “Part of our daily work at Devanthro is to raise awareness of the elderly care crisis, and to ensure that the unrealistic expectations of autonomous robots caring for our ageing relatives do not stunt the possibilities to deliver real robotic solutions today while at the same time keeping the human touch, experience, and empathy in the loop – literally! This is what Devanthro is all about.”

Devanthro is a robotics and AI company, building Robodies – teleoperated robotic avatars. It has emerged as one of the very few humanoid robotics companies from Germany, with a focus on a growing market need in providing 24/7 live-in physical support to elderlies. Pilots in Tutzing, Augsburg, and Kraichgau have confirmed the growing need and acceptance of their system, with their latest 3-day pilot in Pirmasens exceptionally well accepted by both care staff and the elderly lady for whom they cared through the robot.

Devanthro is looking for partners in ambulatory care, investors, regulators, and media with whom they can draw attention to the realities of the elderly care crisis and bring their solution to as many homes as possible. Who cares for the elderly today? The company answer: “Robody cares.”                              

Devanthro is a Munich-based robotics and AI business, building Robodies – robotic avatars for the elderly care market. Their partners include Charité Berlin, University of Oxford, and Diakonie. An early prototype is part of the permanent exhibition at Deutsches Museum in Munich. For more information, please visit 

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