Devanthro is a Munich-based deep tech startup building robodies – remote robotic bodies for humans, as the next step in human communication. While robodies are a general-purpose technology, we’re convinced the first most impactful application is in elderly care – a massive social challenge, for which we, as humanity, do not have a solution yet. Building on 9 years of full stack robotics R&D, 3 generations of humanoid robots and tens of thousands of real-world interactions of our robots with people in the real world, Devanthro embarks on the path to commercialize the robody technology in order to solve the global care crisis.

At Devanthro you will join a team developing remote robotic avatars for people that resemble human form and are teleoperated through an immersive VR interface from any place in the world. Robodies are designed to co-exist alongside people and to seamlessly integrate into daily life in our homes.

Fueled by the desire to bring this technology to millions of people, we are looking for a passionate and experienced VR/AR developer to join our team at Devanthro, where you will play a key role in developing the Embody Robody app for Meta Quest Pro VR headset. In this position, you will be responsible for implementing user-friendly interaction routines, interfaces and backend to achieve highly immersive feeling of presence and intuitive physical agency through a robotic avatar in a remote location.

What You’ll Do

  • Make robodies better robotic avatars for any human anywhere in the world
  • Develop, build and deploy the Embody Robody app for Meta Quest Pro in Unity 3D
  • Extend the existing operator user interface for telepresence
  • Implement new interaction routines to control Robody
  • Integrate new input devices, such as haptic gloves, to control Robody
  • Collaborate with our robotics engineers to map the input commands from the operator to Robody
  • Test, bugfix and optimize the performance of the standalone Android app
  • Design and establish advanced development processes, including testing, integration, deployment and maintenance of the Embody Robody app

What You’ll Bring

  • Passion to build and deploy robust XR apps with the strong physical component and connection to the material world
  • Affinity & love for the complex – we’re a deep tech company going for care after all
  • 3+ years of solid hands-on experience with
    • Unity 3D
    • VR development
    • Android and Meta Quest app development & deployment
    • C#
  • Solid understanding and extensive hands-on experience with
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Design patterns
    • Immersive interface development
    • git & CI workflows
  • Existing authorization to work in Germany
  • You are no asshole

Nice to Have

  • Understanding and hands-on experience with
    • Hardware interfaces
    • Android development
    • ROS/2 communication stack
    • Unreal Engine

What to Expect

  • A team that values trust, ownership, play-curiosity, impact, care and simplicity
  • Competitive salary
  • Highly motivating employee stock options plan (ESOP)
  • Flexible work hours schedule
  • On-site work with the office in the heart of Munich


  • To apply, send proof of exceptional engineering ability to, including but not limited to:
    • your portfolio showcasing implemented VR projects
    • your Github page or similar
    • your CV