Navigating the Looming Care Crisis: Robotics and the Future of Elderly Care 

by Kim Nilsson

As we step into the future, a pressing concern has emerged on the horizon — a care crisis that is rapidly intensifying due to the aging global population. This crisis is driven by a convergence of factors, including longer life expectancy, declining birth rates, and a shortage of skilled caregivers. Our mission at Devanthro is to tackle this challenge head-on by revolutionising the way we provide care for the elderly, ensuring a brighter and more dignified future for our senior citizens. 

The Numbers Speak Volumes 

The numbers paint a stark reality. According to the United Nations, the global population aged 60 and above is projected to double by 2050, reaching an estimated 2.1 billion individuals. As a result, the demand for elderly care is poised to skyrocket. However, the supply of caregivers is facing a critical shortage. The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts a global shortage of nearly 13 million healthcare workers, including caregivers, by 2035. This alarming gap highlights the urgent need for innovative solutions that can bridge the growing disparity between care demand and available resources. 

The Talent Drought in Elderly Care 

The aging of the baby boomer generation has put immense strain on traditional elderly care systems. Many countries are struggling to meet the escalating demands, often resulting in inadequate care quality and overburdened healthcare professionals. One of the primary contributors to this crisis is the lack of talented individuals willing to pursue a career in elderly care. 

The work of a caregiver is not only physically demanding but also emotionally challenging. Long hours, the need for constant patience, and the ability to handle complex medical and emotional needs require a special kind of dedication. Unfortunately, the supply of caregivers entering the profession is dwindling. In the United States alone, the demand for home health aides and personal care aides is projected to increase by a staggering 34% from 2019 to 2029, far outpacing the average growth rate for other occupations. 

Robotics: The Beacon of Hope 

Amid this gloomy scenario, robotics emerges as a beacon of hope — a promising avenue to mitigate the care crisis and elevate the quality of elderly care. At Devanthro, we are harnessing the power of robotics to develop cutting-edge Robodies – or robotic avatars – that give nurses and caregivers the ability to care for multiple seniors in parallel. Robodies combine state-of-the-art AI, advanced sensors, and human-like dexterity, allowing remote nurses to perform a range of tasks, from reminding seniors to take their medication to assisting with mobility challenges. 

The integration of robotics in elderly care serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it supplements the efforts of ambulant human caregivers, easing their burden and allowing them to focus on tasks that require emotional intelligence and personalised attention. Secondly, it provides companionship and support to seniors, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness that often accompany aging. 

A Synergy of Technology and Empathy 

Our Robodies are not meant to replace human caregivers; rather, they are designed to work in tandem with them. This synergy of technology and empathy represents the future of elderly care — a future where skilled on-site and remote human caregivers collaborate to create a holistic and comprehensive care experience. 

As we move forward, it’s essential to recognise that the care crisis is not an isolated challenge but a global imperative that demands collaborative efforts from governments, healthcare institutions, technology innovators, and society as a whole. The adoption of innovative solutions like Robodies is an investment in our collective future — one that upholds the dignity and well-being of our elderly population while alleviating the strain on traditional care systems. 


The impending care crisis necessitates bold, forward-thinking solutions. At Devanthro, we are committed to spearheading this transformation through our Robodies, offering a new dimension of care that combines the precision and ubiquity of technology with the warmth of human connection. As the world grapples with the realities of an aging population, we are determined to redefine elderly care and create a future that is both compassionate and technologically advanced. As a society, we can navigate the challenges ahead and ensure that our senior citizens enjoy the respect, comfort, and care they rightfully deserve. 

Devanthro is a Munich-based robotics and AI business, building Robodies – robotic avatars for the elderly care market. Their partners include Charité Berlin, University of Oxford, and LMU Klinikum. An early prototype is part of the permanent exhibition at Deutsches Museum in Munich. For more information, please visit