Robody Cares and Distance Dares: A Heart-warming Connection by GPT4

by Kim Nilsson

Once upon a time in the quiet town of Rosenheim, Germany, there lived an elderly woman named Ingrid. Ingrid was a spirited and independent soul, who had lived a fulfilling life. Her memories were filled with laughter, love, and her family. Now, however, her husband had passed away, and her only child, Elisa, lived halfway across the world in New York City.

Elisa was a successful architect, and although she loved her mother dearly, her career and responsibilities often made it challenging for her to visit Ingrid. The distance between them, both physical and emotional, weighed heavily on their hearts.

Ingrid’s health had begun to decline, and she was in need of regular care. It pained Elisa to think of her mother struggling alone in the house they once shared. Ingrid, on the other hand, was adamant about not leaving her home, even if it meant residing in an assisted living facility.

One day, Elisa came across an article about Devanthro, a Munich-based robotics startup. Their invention, Robody Cares, promised a revolutionary new way for people to provide care and companionship to their loved ones from afar. Intrigued, Elisa decided to investigate further.

She contacted Devanthro and learned that their Robody technology allowed for intuitive control of a robotic body from anywhere in the world. The idea of being able to care for her mother remotely gave Elisa a glimmer of hope. After discussing the concept with Ingrid, they decided to participate in the pilot program.

Soon, a sleek and unobtrusive Robody was delivered to Ingrid’s home. Elisa, from her apartment in New York City, logged into the system and took control of the Robody. It was surprisingly intuitive, allowing her to perform tasks with ease.

The Robody became an extension of Elisa, enabling her to provide daily assistance to Ingrid. She could help with cooking, cleaning, and even join her mother on walks in the park. Through the Robody’s built-in communication system, they could chat and laugh together, just like old times.

As the days went by, Ingrid and Elisa grew closer despite the distance that separated them. The Robody brought a newfound sense of connection and peace of mind to both women. Ingrid felt secure, knowing her daughter was always there to care for her, and Elisa felt relieved that she could be there for her mother even from thousands of miles away.

Their story caught the attention of the media, and soon, the world learned about the amazing technology that brought Ingrid and Elisa closer together. The success of the Robody Cares pilot program became a beacon of hope for countless families facing similar challenges.

Devanthro’s invention revolutionized elderly care, bridging the gap between generations and distances. It became a powerful tool in the fight against loneliness and isolation, ensuring that no matter where life took them, families could always stay connected.

In the end, the Robody Cares system changed Ingrid and Elisa’s lives, allowing them to cherish their time together and create new memories despite the distance that once separated them. And so, they lived their lives, filled with love and support, knowing that they would never be truly apart.

Devanthro is a Munich-based robotics and AI business, building Robodies – robotic avatars for the elderly care market. Their partners include Charité Berlin, University of Oxford, and LMU Klinikum. An early prototype is part of the permanent exhibition at Deutsches Museum in Munich. For more information, please visit